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Life Coaching—The Express Lane to the Life You Deserve

Let me thank you for  the investment of your time to visit the Becoming More Consulting Personal Coaching page.

I know that because you’re here, you are someone who wants more from their life.

You are looking for that edge that will help you leapfrog from where you are, to where you want to be in life.

It is my hope that together you and I will open new doors, reawaken your passion and rediscover the magic in you that you already possess.

We will start with the basics and build powerful habits that when paired with higher standards, the right strategy, and an empowering belief system, you can create the life you deserve.


Why Do You Want Coaching?

Why do you want coaching? You’re smart enough as it is, right?

It’s simple…

You want a coach for wisdom, key insights, accountability, and feedback.

The wisdom of someone who studies success, fulfillment, happiness, and health.

You want the key insights of what to do and what to avoid to help shape the life you want.

You want the feedback from an outsider’s perspective that will guide you to where you want to go.

The outsider’s perspective can be extremely beneficial because you’re immersed in your own life and can’t see what a coach can.

You don’t do brain surgery on yourself even if you’re a great brain surgeon.

A Coach Provides an Outside Perspective

The people who’ve influenced me the most as an athlete were my coaches

All my life I’ve been a part of a variety of sports from hockey, to baseball, to track, and rugby in college; and most of the time (defiantly not all) I was better at playing the sport than the coaches.

However, I was inside the game, caught up in the action.

The coach was observing from the outside and they were able to give me ques to help me succeed on the ice and on the field.

Most of all…

They cared deeply about me, my well being, and my success.

That is What I Am Here to Do For You…

Because I focus everyday on taking massive action towards developing myself and becoming more valuable as a person that way I can attract more success.

Know that by no means saying I’m better than you, I certainly am not.

You and I both know that the top candidate for running your life is YOU.

I’m your coach.

I love people, I’m not better than they are, but I am able to see things they cant see, because this is my focus.

The Key to Finding the Right Coach

You need to find the right coach for you.

Find the coach that will tell you straight up when you’re messing up, how you’re messing up, and then guide you to correcting the problem.

The coach who is actually implementing the things they teach into their own life.

You need to find the coach that cares more about their clients success than their financial gain.

The best way to tell if a coach is right for you is the same as finding out if a car is right for you; give it a test drive….



Free Initial Interview

The first session is free!

No commitment required!

Just follow the directions below.

You have nothing to lose and the life you deserve to gain!

How to Set Up Your First Coaching Session

Simply send an email to to set up your free consultation today!

Initial Interview

  • We will have a conversation to get to know one another, basically interviewing one another to make sure we will work well together.
  • Also, in this first session you will learn the basics of success and fulfillment—the fundamentals that will benefit you tremendously if you use them.

Cost: FREE!

Ongoing Coaching Sessions

In the following coaching sessions we will dive into it where we will begin a journey to you’re better future.

  • 1 Session: $55
  • 3 Sessions: $120
  • 5 Sessions: $200 SPECIAL OFFER—10 Sessions: $200

As a limited time offer, you can sign up for 10 sessions, a $400 value for ONLY $200!

I highly recommend setting up 3+ sessions so that we introduce you to you’re better future and work towards it as well, setting the foundations of effective positive change.

I respect your time more than anything—if you’re willing to invest in 3 or more coaching sessions after our initial interview—you’re improvement is 100% money back guaranteed!*

If you are hungry for more in life; if you are sick and tired of suffering emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, or spiritually then continue reading about how to set up your free initial consultation.

If after 3 sessions you feel as though you did not become more valuable as a person

If you aren’t closer to achieving your goals, or for what ever reason

You will receive a FULL REFUND.

I look forward to meeting you!


With Sincere Gratitude,

Nick Yurek

Life Coach




*Money back guarantee is for the first time purchase of 3 or more coaching sessions. Contingent on you doing training assignments given in sessions. 100% money back guaranteed if you aren’t satisfied!

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