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To Those Who Are Stuck

To Those Who Are Stuck…

You might be someone who is stuck in a job they don’t enjoy.

Someone living in a town you feel you don’t belong in.

Someone living a life that you hate.

You are stuck…

I’ve Been There



Constantly saying “same old, same old.”

But I Did Not Accept That

I didn’t accept where I was, who I was being, how I was acting.

I did not accept “that” as who I was doomed to be.


I did not accept that.

I made a decision.

A decision to act.

To move forward.

To stare my weaknesses in the face and work on them.

A Decision To Work On My Weaknesses

I was weak, in fact, I am weak.

I get lonely, tired, lazy.

I get worked up over petty bull shi*t.

I worry about the little things and ignore the big important things.

I eat the wrong foods and hit the snooze.


I don’t accept that low standard of myself.

I don’t accept living my life like that.

So I worked on my weaknesses, by taking action, and failing over and over again.

Through this relentless self exploration, I developed discipline.


Commitment is doing what you said you were going to do long after the mood you have said it in has left.

Discipline means when you don’t feel like it, you get your butt up and do it anyway.

I don’t care if I fail.

I don’t care if no one reads this.

I care about doing my best, learning from my mistakes and becoming just a little bit better today than I was yesterday.

If you’re stuck, I suggest you give that a try. Stare at your weaknesses…change them.

The Battle Is Between Your Ears

Yes, I have weaknesses. And Yes, I don’t accept them as fate.

Know that the battle isn’t with you and the diet plan, you and your boss, or you and your enemies; it’s not even you against the alarm.

The battle is you against you; you against your mind.

You must declare war on negative, unproductive, weak thoughts. THEY ARE LIES.

The Lies

The mind will tell you that you’re stuck because of him, or her, or the organization.

The mind will always tell you that you cannot take anymore far before you would actually be stopped.

Do not listen to these lies.

They are lies.

Set your sights on what you want next and go after it.

Don’t Worry About What Others Are Doing Or Saying

If you worry about whats going on outside of you, you will miss the deep problems going on right between your ears.

The problem is you.

The problem is your perspective.

The problem is your attitude.

You’re Stuck Because Of You

If you want to get unstuck.

If you want to change.


Read a book.

Go for a run.

Call a friend.

Get a coach.

Get a therapist.


If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep feeling the way you feel; stuck.

Get Up And Move. NOW.

If you enjoyed this post. If it empowered you to act—like it, comment on it.

If you know someone who needs to read this, share it with them.

Spread empowering messages like this on your news feed—we’ve seen enough garbage about ‘the world we live in today.’

With Sincere Gratitude,

Nick Yurek

Life Coach






The Will to Win by Berton Braley

If you want a thing bad enough

To go out and fight for it

Work day and night for it

Give up your time and your peace and your sleep for it

If only desire of it makes you quite mad enough never to tire of it

Makes you hold all other things tawdry a cheap for it

If life seems all empty and useless without it

And all that you scheme and you dream is about it

If gladly you’ll sweat for it; fret for it; plan for it

Lose all your terror of God and man for it

If simply you’ll go after that thing you want with all your capacity, strength, and sagacity

Faith, hope, and confidence, stern pertinacity

IF neither cold poverty, famish and gaunt

Nor sickness, Nor pain of body or brain

Can turn you away from the thing that you want

If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it…

You’ll Get It


Three Quotes That Changed My Life and Can Change Yours For The Better

Three Quotes That Can Change Your Life Forever

This blog is about the three most recent quotes posted to the Uplifting Quotes Page.

A page designed for myself and my readers to visit whenever we are in need of inspiration, wisdom, insight, or all three.

Sometimes we need a little juice to get the engines going, having some insightful wisdom dumped on you can be the spark you need!

Here are three quotes that have helped shape who I am today.

You Have the Power to Create

“People who make it in life look around for what they want, and if they don’t find it, they create it.”—George Bernard Shaw

This quote really resonated with me a few months back and was exactly what I needed to motivate me in starting my online business’.

It touches on the 3 key attributes of all leaders.

  1. See things for exactly as they are
  2. See things as being better than they are
  3. Taking action and making things better than they are

If there is something in your life that you truly want, create it.

Opportunity doesn’t come knocking on your door, you bust opportunity’s door down and say “look what I created for the world,” I promise you, opportunity will reward you.

Realize that everything in your life, good and bad, is there because you created it.

If you don’t like where you live, move, you’re not a tree.

If you think you’re stupid, pick up a book and change it.

If you think you’re fat, get off your ass, move, learn how to properly breath, how to properly eat and create an alkaline body.

Life’s a Journey, Not a Destination

“Focus on the journey not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”—Greg Anderson

This was another quote that really pushed me in the direction I am going today.

Picture this, a junior in college, half way through a degree that he didn’t really feel passionate about, infact that he didn’t even want to use when he graduated, and the only thing keeping him going was the false perception that as long as I have a diploma, he’s set.

If you guess, unfulfilled, unhappy, and lacking focused, Ding Ding Ding, you’re right!

I only focused on the destination, completely overlooking the present moment and on enjoying the journey.

After much planning I decided to leave school and peruse self-education.

Today I am making more money, living happier, and on a path that lights my fire and makes me want to live more of life.

If you want to learn about how to start your own journey of fulfillment and success check out this article -> What Does An Extraordinary Life Look Like To You <-

The Behavior Chain

“Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote says it all, what we hold in our minds—pictures, sounds, and ideas—is precisely what we will experience.

Our thoughts are like seeds, the thought seeds you plant turn into the actions you take.

Your actions, when performed consistently, turn into habits.

We are what we habitually do, because our habits show what our character is.

Your character is ultimately what creates the direction your destiny moves in.

Be the watcher and guider of your mind.

Plant seeds of optimism, success, and love.

The True Power

The true power in these words of wisdom comes in you acting on anything that moved you!

Action is POWER!

If there is something you want, get out there and get it!

If you want to become more than you presently are and don’t know how to become more valuable, sign up for a free coaching session to learn how today!