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Embrace Emotions Rather Than Fight Them With The ABC Breathing Exercise

Embrace Emotions Rather Than Fight Them With The ABC Breathing Exercise

Emotions are the body sensations we feel that are a direct result of the thoughts we have. For example you could feel; a tightness or even light and spacious in the stomach, chest, throat.

These physical sensations you experience when you are nervous, excited, happy, sad, angry, or cheerful are emotions that people generally experience on a daily basis.

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Here is a quick ABC method developed by Dr. Ela Manga to help you get comfortable with feelings and making a space for them rather than feeding it.

  • Awareness: Take a moment and become aware of what you are experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally, on a moment to moment basis without doing anything about it. Ask yourself questions like:
    • What am I feeling right now?
    • Am I at ease with myself right now?
    • What is going on inside of my body right now?
  • Breathing: Create a space for what you are becoming aware of—tightness, tingling, pulsing—by breathing into it, allowing the sensations to move about. This can create a freeing spaciousness for you.
  • Conscious Choice: Once you have completed And B, you will be more equipped to consciously respond to a given situation and make a clear, congruent response rather than by reacting to it with a habitual, counter productive, conditioned response.

Don’t believe me when I say this works, try it for yourself and you will find out for yourself.

I challenge you to use this ABC method each day, 3 times a day for 5 minutes.

I would take an experienced guess that you will begin to make healthier, positive decisions in conversations and beyond.

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With Sincere Gratitude,

Nick Yurek

Personal Development Coach


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