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To Those Who Are Stuck

To Those Who Are Stuck…

You might be someone who is stuck in a job they don’t enjoy.

Someone living in a town you feel you don’t belong in.

Someone living a life that you hate.

You are stuck…

I’ve Been There



Constantly saying “same old, same old.”

But I Did Not Accept That

I didn’t accept where I was, who I was being, how I was acting.

I did not accept “that” as who I was doomed to be.


I did not accept that.

I made a decision.

A decision to act.

To move forward.

To stare my weaknesses in the face and work on them.

A Decision To Work On My Weaknesses

I was weak, in fact, I am weak.

I get lonely, tired, lazy.

I get worked up over petty bull shi*t.

I worry about the little things and ignore the big important things.

I eat the wrong foods and hit the snooze.


I don’t accept that low standard of myself.

I don’t accept living my life like that.

So I worked on my weaknesses, by taking action, and failing over and over again.

Through this relentless self exploration, I developed discipline.


Commitment is doing what you said you were going to do long after the mood you have said it in has left.

Discipline means when you don’t feel like it, you get your butt up and do it anyway.

I don’t care if I fail.

I don’t care if no one reads this.

I care about doing my best, learning from my mistakes and becoming just a little bit better today than I was yesterday.

If you’re stuck, I suggest you give that a try. Stare at your weaknesses…change them.

The Battle Is Between Your Ears

Yes, I have weaknesses. And Yes, I don’t accept them as fate.

Know that the battle isn’t with you and the diet plan, you and your boss, or you and your enemies; it’s not even you against the alarm.

The battle is you against you; you against your mind.

You must declare war on negative, unproductive, weak thoughts. THEY ARE LIES.

The Lies

The mind will tell you that you’re stuck because of him, or her, or the organization.

The mind will always tell you that you cannot take anymore far before you would actually be stopped.

Do not listen to these lies.

They are lies.

Set your sights on what you want next and go after it.

Don’t Worry About What Others Are Doing Or Saying

If you worry about whats going on outside of you, you will miss the deep problems going on right between your ears.

The problem is you.

The problem is your perspective.

The problem is your attitude.

You’re Stuck Because Of You

If you want to get unstuck.

If you want to change.


Read a book.

Go for a run.

Call a friend.

Get a coach.

Get a therapist.


If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep feeling the way you feel; stuck.

Get Up And Move. NOW.

If you enjoyed this post. If it empowered you to act—like it, comment on it.

If you know someone who needs to read this, share it with them.

Spread empowering messages like this on your news feed—we’ve seen enough garbage about ‘the world we live in today.’

With Sincere Gratitude,

Nick Yurek

Life Coach






Three Pillars of My Morning Routine

3 Keys To Morning Routines

I want to take a moment and share with you some of my tactics for an effective morning routine.

Mornings are the foundation to our day and starting them off properly is important to your life as a whole, because you only have this moment, your life is your day.

My morning routine is always evolving, however there are three keys to my morning that I perform habitually without question.

If you are serious about living

These three simple actions are what I attribute a lot of my success to and I’m curious whether you would find these helpful as well.

The 4 Keys To Morning Routines

  1. Meditation
  2. Reading
  3. Journal


I sit down on my couch for silence and meditation. I generally do two of the following 3 exercises, sometimes all three.

  1. Headspace
  2. Muse
  3. Tony Robbins heartbeat meditation which you can find on his Money app in the Apple Store

This always seems to get me from overwhelmed and anxious with all I have to do that day to calm, clear, and collected.

It truly amazes me each day because I really go from a million thoughts about all I have to get done that day to the present moment.


I always do what I can to ready at least 20 pages of a book each day, though I usually exceed that number.

This way after one year of reading, I’ve completed at least twelve 200 page books.

“Miss a meal, but don’t miss 30 minutes of reading.”—Jim Rohn

The other key to this is making sure that the books are either informational or inspirational.


Because it is the first step in the process of becoming more, when you are learning something you become more valuable to others.

You have information that could help someone feel better about themselves, inspire them to take action on their goals and achieve more is something that truly brings joy to me.

All it takes is one idea, because one idea leads to two; two leads to three and so on.

Eventually you have a plethora of ideas…one of them has got to be worth a million bucks..or even $1000.

But if you do not search for new ideas, then don’t be surprised if 2 years down the line you’re in the same job, same position, same salary…it’s up to you.

Here’s The Facts…

In today’s age it’s to easy to be great.

The average American reads 1 book a year.

The average CEO reads 60 books a year.

Where are you on the spectrum?

Are you above, or below the average American?

You don’t even have to read psychical book, listen to audio books,

Think about how much more intelligent, organized, mentally prepared, and all around impressive you would be if you simply picked up a book and read it.


Keeping a journal daily has done wonders for me, and many other successful people like Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, Hal Elrod, you name it, journaling is one habit of successful people that you should adopt ONLY if you really want to attract, create and sustain success in your life.

There are many benefits of keeping a journal, like keeping a record of your successes, lessons learned, evaluating thought, and the main reason is to be a collector of good ideas.

Don’t leave it to your memory to remember that keeping a journal increases your emotional intelligence, helps you make tough decisions, and keeps track of your progress or regression of your goals—write it down in a journal.

Journaling helps create a gap between your thoughts and actions, just like meditation does.

It will help you make better decisions, learn from mistakes, and build on your wins.

That is it, the Three Basics of My Mornings

I plan on talking deeper about this topic later on because of truly how much simply implementing a routine of actions that help me feel happier, stay more focused, and appreciate life more has made me more valuable, resourceful and ultimately successful as a person.

If you want to be successful in life then my best advise to you is to become obsessed with the process, rather than the product.

What I mean by that is be obsessed of the consistent actions you make.

Start your mornings and evenings off right by using a routine to put your body in a rhythm.

If you need help with your morning routine, I’d be happy to help! email me to set up your FREE personal development coaching session today!

With Gratitude,

Nick Yurek

Performance and Development Coach

What Does An Extraordinary Life Look Like To You: Mastering Thought (Part 2)

The first step to achieve anything is to define what you want now, what’s next, and what’s preventing you from having what you want.

In the post titled Why We Need Daily Personal Development we talked about the Raticular Activating System and why clarity is power.

In this post we will go over 3 questions to ask yourself to immediately turn that powerful part of your brain.

  1. What does an extraordinary quality of life look like for you NOW?
  2. What is the next level for you? 
  3. What is preventing you?

To maximize the effects of these questions, I highly suggest you write down your answers in a journal.

It is said that writing down your goals makes them 1000 times more likely to be achieved.

You can even use this website as an example of that, for years I’ve wanted to start my own website; three months after I finally wrote it on paper Becoming More Consulting was born.

1) What does an extraordinary quality of life look like for you NOW?

Write down in your journal, what an extraordinary life would look like for you right now.

Would you have more money?

Would you savor every moment as if it were your last? Would you be physically healthier?

Mentally healthier?

Would you have more control over your emotional patterns?

2) What’s the next level for you?

What would you change in your life?

What would you transform?

Your relationships?

Your finances?

Would you like to loose weight?

Gain muscle?

3) What’s preventing you from having what you want?

This is arguably one of the most important things to ask yourself.

What are you willing to give up/what are you willing to no longer do in order to have the extraordinary life you deserve?

What limiting belief is preventing you from achieving your goals?

What emotional pattern (i.e. binge eating) is holding you back?

What dominating thought is stopping you from enjoying the life you truly deserve?

Bonus: What are 2 thoughts you have daily that stress you out?

What are 2 thoughts you experience daily that stress you out? Not what thought you have weekly or monthly, but daily.

Is it that you don’t have the capital?

Is it that you don’t have the time?

My thoughts:

The bonus question I threw in here is an excellent question to ask yourself, because many people struggle with some form of dominating thought that derails their progress. Identifying the thought pattern separates you from the thought and allows you to override your programming to make a better decision.

I’d like to part ways today by saying that I truly love and appreciate your attention. I write these posts with the hope and faith that you will use them just as I use them to become a better person, strive for more, and contribute to others.


With Sincere Gratitude,

Nick Yurek

Performance and Development Coach


Why We Need Daily Personal Development

To have more money, friends, happiness, love, ect., you MUST first become the person who attracts more money; more friends, more happiness, more love—the more of whatever it is that you want, you MUST become the person who attracts what you want through daily personal development.

To paraphrase Jim Rohn: “To have more than you’ve got in any area of your life, you must become more than you are, for things to change, you have to change.

For things to get better, you have to get better; don’t wish for less problems, wish for more wisdom; don’t wish for fewer challenge, wish for more skills; don’t wish for less struggle, wish for more ideas.”

Don’t get confused when I say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You do not have to change.

BUT IF you want to have more financial abundance, more emotional fitness, more mental clarity, more physical ability, more spiritual presence, then you MUST become more than you presently are.

IF you want more, which it is perfectly healthy to want more health, more love, more connection; you must develop yourself into the kind of person who is attracting more love, more connection, more health.



Because success is something you attract by the person you become.

Success is not something you pursue, it’s something you attract by the person you become. You attract more love by becoming more loving towards others.

You attract more money by providing more VALUE to others.

You attract more health by eating nutritious meals, exercising and changing your overall lifestyle to BECOME healthier.

An important distinction, one I’ve learned the hard way, is that you must become more of what you are.

I would try to become more of what other people are to attract success, and let me warn you, that will just run you into the ground.

When you aren’t letting your true self be seen, when you allow jealousy, envy, and shame of others creep into your mind and hinder your soul you lose touch with your true being and begin to regress.

Allow me to be the model of becoming more of who you truly are.

What I mean by this is that you’ll want to take the strategies that other people use to become more and apply the ultimate success formula to it:

  1. Decide exactly what it is that you want∗—Clarity is POWER!Reticular Activating System is a part of the brain that decides what is important and what is not. It is where our natural ability to focus comes from. When you are clear about exactly what you want your brain begins to focus on anything that has to do with that object, feeling, or result.
  2. Notice what’s working for you and what’s not—you must have an acute sensitivity to what actions you are taking and the results you are getting from those actions. Do you continuously find yourself stopping at a fast food restaurant? Here’s a tip, decide that you do not want to eat processed foods any more and notice when you start thinking about eating fast foods. Is it when you’re hungry? When you’re watching tv? When you drive past a Mcdonalds or Burger King? Be acutely sensitive to your thoughts and emotion—the body sensations resulting from our thoughts—to see what is producing the desired or undesirable results.
  3. Commit to staying flexible in your approach UNTIL you succeed∗—Question, how long do you give the average baby to learn how to walk? How long until you say “that’s it, this baby keeps on falling, he/she is never going to learn to walk?” I would hallucinate that you see what my point is here, the vast majority of humans have learned to walk because they tried UNTIL they succeed. Magic formula, huh?

Is this going to guarantee you success? Is becoming more than you are really going to guarantee that you become loved, wealthy, and healthy?

I’m not delusional, it will not guarantee a thing…


Anyone who tries to tell you anything different should make you put your wallet away and get the heck out of there.

But let me ask you a few questions…

  • If you develop yourself into a person with healthy habits do you think you’ll become healthier?
  • If you give more love, do you think you’ll receive love in return? Will you feel more loving and loved?
  • If you take daily action to make more money, do you think you’ll earn more money?
  • If you decide exactly what it is that you want, then notice what’s working for you and what’s not.

Commit to staying flexible in your approach UNTIL you succeed. What do you think your chances are of succeeding?

Find a friend, find a good book, find a personal development coach who can help you create and attract the life you desire!

Here is a great place to start or continue your journey of becoming more.

Please, comment below your story of where you are in your life, where you want to be, and how you’d like to get there.

Also if you got something from this post, please like and share it so your friends and family can gain something from it too!

With Sincere Gratitude,

Nick Yurek

Personal Development Coach


∗Robbins, Anthony. Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny!Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny! New York: Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2013. Print