Nick Yurek here…

I have been given many tittles over the years, but the one I resonate with most is Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

What is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Exactly?

Using the definition from businessdictionary.com

An individual that creates a business with the purpose of altering their personal lifestyle and not for the sole purpose of making profits.

A lifestyle entrepreneur focuses more on the life rewards provided to people that enjoy and have a passion for what they are doing.

My work includes, but not limited to…

  • Peak Performance Coaching—steps for getting better day after day
  • Lifestyle Blogger for multiple websites in various mental, emotional, and psychical health niches
  • Personal Development Coach
  • Turn Around/Transformation Coach

I have a passion for helping people see and act on their unlimited human potential.

If Being a Peak Performer, Transforming Your Mind and Body, or Simply Feeling More Fulfilled Sounds Compelling to You…

Then sign up for a free initial interview with me to learn about how together we can create the life you truly desire and deserve.


Why Do I Coach

I’ll tell you exactly why I am here…

I have a vision of the world, I believe that fulfillment is a right, not a privileged. 

Fulfillment is not for the chosen few to love what they do and enjoy going to work.

“Success without fulfillment is ultimate failure.”—Tony Robbins

Success with out fulfillment is pointless, nobody likes a depressed successful person.

I believe in showing people not only how to achieve success, but how to feel good doing it!

I am committed to this vision and dedicated to playing my small part…

My small part is providing you with the tools

  • Strategies
  • Habits
  • Ideas
  • Perspective

…that will help propel you in the right direction.

Why Do I Coach?

The reason I coach is because you are the creator of everything in your life you’re the one responsibility for your life being fulfilling.

This can be tough for some people to hear when they look at their life and see things there they don’t like, or don’t want in their life.

And if I can give you some pieces to help you love going to work and living their life…

…Oh, and by the way you will become…

  • More Productive
  • More Successful
  • More Focused
  • More Joyful and Happy

Then so be it, that’s my piece of the puzzle…


As for me…

I am living proof that the tools, ideas, and perspectives I have to offer, work.

A few years ago I went through some challenges in my own life where I didn’t know why I was doing what I was doing, I didn’t know how to develop myself into a peak performer, I lost my passion for what I was doing.

I learned about how everything from large corporate organizations, to families, to relationships, to individuals; all the most successful entities in our world follow a specif structure that allow them to succeed.

I completely committed myself to finding that structure for success in myself.

This restored my passion to levels I have never experienced prior.

I began to share it with my friends and family.

And now I want to share it with you.

Want to Hire a Life Coach?

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If You Are Serious About Becoming More Fulfilled and More Successful…

The take the time to learn more about Becoming More Consulting’s coaching programs.

This is for the person who is serious about making a positive impact on themselves and those around them.

It’s for the person who is fed up with settling for less than they can be, do, and share.

It’s for the person who is living life with more pain than there is pleasure.

My Passion

My passion is my work of influenycing others and myself to life the most fulfilling life possible.

What gets me excited is being able to get others to see life in an abundant, inspired, and intuitive light.

When I’m speaking with clients I coach or even a random stranger, being able to move them to take effective action towards their wants and desires makes me fulfilled and accomplished.


My Mission

To leave everyone and everything better than I found it.

To make the world better place by becoming more valuable and transferring that value to other people.

The Mission of Becoming More Consulting

The mission of Becoming More is to help others become more valuable.

I do this by showing them key distinctions in how they use their mind and body to leap frog from where their life is, to where they want it to be.

If you or someone you know would be interested in having me as their coach, please check out my other posts and pages to learn more about having a coach on your team to help you succeed.

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