It’s ALL about Why

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Why do you do what you do?

Possibly the most important question you can ask someone.

The answer they give you can provide valuable insight into their motivation, beliefs, values, and rules about life.

He who has a why to live an bear almost any how” —Friedrich Neitzsche

I believe that life is 80% why and 20% how.

Which would mean that everything in your life; your income, your friends, your health, ect… is primarily the way it is because of you why.

The abundance, or lack of abundance, in your life is because you of you why…

If you are looking at your life and you see that you’re performing well at your job, it’s likely do to you having a very strong reason why you want to perform at a peak level.

You why could be because your work is something you LOVE doing…

Maybe it’s because you feel your work is impact, and has a deeper meaning to you.

Maybe it’s because you have kids and you want to provide the best life for them.

On the other hand…

You might be looking at an area of your life, for example your body, and thinking that it’s less than it could or should be.

I am here to tell you today that if you take some time to figure out why you’re lacking in this area, and most importantly, discover why you want to be healthier, more fit.

If you have a big enough reason why to do something, it will become a must.

Turn Your Should’s Into Must’s

People don’t change when they know they should do something…

People change when they must do something…

Once you make the transition from ‘I should do this.’

To ‘I MUST do this!’

Your entire life will be set on a totally  new,  and positive destination.

How to Trade Your Should’s For Must’s

Find a large enough reason why…

How to Discover Your Why

You can discover your why in many ways…

  • experience
  • failure
  • modeling others

But the most effective and quickest way to discover your reason why is by finding somewhere quiet and bring a pen and paper.

Turn your phone on airplane mode and set the timer for 1 hour.

Force yourself to sit there with the pen on paper for 60 minutes while you contemplate and illustrate the reason why you’re going to become healthier, become happier, become more successful.

The Best In The World

Discover Your Reason whyThe best in the world at any given field are where they are today because they worked as hard as they could.

They sacrificed their mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends, and sleep to get to where they are today.

The things is that it’s not easy to achieve greatness, however what we all need to understand is that  when we have a compelling reason why…for instance wanting to be the absolute best you can be because there are people out there who believed in you while you didn’t believe in yourself, and they deserve to see you succeed…all the hard work will be not only worth it, but you will enjoy it.

That reason why is great because it is bigger than you.

It’s Bigger Than You

Realize that every day there are people depending on you for your energy, for you strength, for your love.

Everyday we have to go out and stick to a daily process, daily disciplines that help propel you forward.

Success does not come easy.

There Are No Such Thing of an Overnight Success

People tend to call successful people ‘over night successes…’

That is total bullshit.

It’s a long road ahead if you want to be successful.

If you can find me one person who has EVER become an overnight success I can  guarantee you that I can prove that you’re just trying to rationalize it in your head and that they’re actually worked for YEARS.

A great example of an ‘overnight success’ is Lebron James.

Everyone was shocked why he joined the NBA, “how can he have this natural born talent at such a young age?”

The dude had been playing basketball for 15 YEARS before he went pro.

Stick to the Process

Find your reason why, find out why you want to be successful, why you no longer want to live depressed, why you’re going to turn your life around.

Discover a set of daily disciplines that you can perform each day that will get you better.

This is What I Focus On

I focus on the process.

Each day I spend 2-3 hours minimum, as soon as I wake up, working on developing myself.

I do this to become more valuable as a person.

Because the true value of wealth is measured by if they took all your money away, what would you be worth?

Develop the skills necessary to handle the challenges life throws at you.

The Life I’ve Lived, Life Throws A Whole Lot At You

You will not be ready when life hits you with adversity.

The only way you’re going to be able to get up and out of bed and perform at your best is if you have a strong enough reason why to do it.

Your why will carry you to new heights.

It’s Not About Motivation, It’s About Why

I am constantly asked about how to become more motivated.

The answer is simple, having a BIG driving force (a big reason why to do something).

Because your reason why will make it so you aren’t having to push yourself, but you will be pulled to where you want to go.

I Am Here For You

I am here to help anyone and everyone who is looking for new ways to develop themselves into someone who has success.

I believe that success is something you attract by the person you become.

As your coach I can help you uncover a compelling reason why that will help pull you to where you deserve to be in life.

Together we can create success rituals that will help you to grow and expand your capabilities to heights you never thought possible.

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With Sincere Gratitude,

Nick Yurek

Life Coach