Introduction To Becoming More


Hi, this is Nick Yurek. Listen, I’m really excited for you to join me here to Become More. I hope you find this website to be transformational in all areas of your life be it mental, emotional, physical, financial, or spiritual.

I have the privilege of writing to the world about how to create a meaningful life. I believe that no one is broke and no one needs to be fixed and that’s why I’ve made this blog—to show you how and why YOU can be, do, share, and give anything you desire! It is a place for the best field tested habits, beliefs and ideas about how to enhance our lives on a multitude of levels.

Everyone in this life has what it takes to offer something unique and beneficial to the world, and my mission is to show you how to maximize your ability to do just that.

In today’s world, the most precious resource we have is time, you can always find a different somewhere else to look for ideas to become a more advanced, more loving, more profitable, more giving you; but you cannot get back the time you spent researching. Know that I do not take your time lightly, and that I will not betray your trust.

I look forward to writing to you again soon. For now, I’d like you to take out your journal or a piece of paper and a pen and just write down on a scale from 0-10 where you are in your life:

Mentally 0-10

Emotionally 0-10

Physically 0-10

Financially 0-10

Spiritually 0-10

Until Next Time,

Nick Yurek

Live With Passion